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10 Proven Ways to Get Customer Referrals

Customer Referrals 101

When was the last time that you had a good experience with a business that you couldn’t wait to share with others so that they too could have the same experience? What about when you discovered a new product that you fell in love with and then told everyone you know about it so that they could get one for themselves? These types of conversations happen frequently, in fact, more than 2.4 million brand-related conversations happen every day in the United States. 

With this many conversations happening daily, it proves that consumers aren’t afraid to share their experiences–both positive and negative with others. So how do brands go about ensuring that their name is among those being talked about daily in a positive manner? Conversions around a particular brand are important considering that 39% of consumers develop and build trust around a brand from their friends and family. Additionally, consumers view the opinions of other consumers as 14% more trustworthy than that of brand employees. 

As you can see, getting your customers talking and referring to your business is critical to your growth and success. But what exactly are business referrals and how do they work? In short, business referrals are when someone in your network recommends your business to a new prospect. This can be customers recommending your business to their friends and family, or professional acquaintances referring your business to other professionals. These referrals can happen spontaneously during organic conversations or as the result of planned marketing efforts. 

Here are 10 different, yet proven effective ways in which you can be sure that your customers are talking and referring your brand to others, whether they happen spontaneously or by simply asking customers to talk about their experience.

1. Create an Experience that is Worth Talking About 

This might seem like a no-brainer, but in order to get your customers to start talking, you’ll need to provide an experience that is worth them talking about. Is your customer service beyond exception or just sub-par? Do you provide an experience when your customers walk through your door or do you feel like every other big box store out there?  The more you try to create a positive experience for your customers that exceeds their expectations, the more likely they are to talk to others, sharing their experience and what makes you stand out above your competition. 

2. Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyal customers are the ones who are most likely going to be the ones who talk about your company the most. Provide those who are loyal to your brand with a customer loyalty program to reward them and show them your appreciation for their loyalty and business and for advocating and referring to your brand for you. 

There are many different types of loyalty programs that you can implement into your business as a way to reward and incentivize customer loyalty. You can implement a point-based system, or a premium/VIP style membership, in which they receive special perks in exchange for referrals and customer loyalty. Regardless of what type of loyalty program you decide to implement, remember to keep your customers happy and know that you appreciate their loyalty. In return, loyal customers are more inclined to talk and share your brand with others through word of mouth and online referrals. 

3. Engage Existing Customers

Building a brand and loyal customers is not something that can be achieved in one day, it is a feat that must be worked on and built day after day, customer after customer. In other words, once you’ve developed a relationship with your customers, you need to keep building those relationships to keep them loyal and coming back. 

Find ways to keep your brand at the forefront of their minds, long after the sale has been completed so that they will continue to come back. This can be done by sending emails about upcoming sales, updates about your business, or even semi-frequent check-ins just to keep your brand on their radar.  When you consciously make an effort to continue building relationships with your customers, they will notice and they’ll talk about your brand to others. 

4. Adopt a Customer Referral Program 

Adopting and implementing a customer referral program is a great way to get your team members active in acquiring new loyal customers. Brands that have a customer referral program, are essentially telling their customers that they are confident enough in their brand and what they have to offer that implementing a referral program is a wise investment for your brand. 

Customers will notice the confidence you have in your brand and it will be contagious, they will want to advocate on behalf of your brand as well. Having an organized referral program in place provides the added boat of confidence that many customers need in order to feel comfortable in referring your business to others. Referral programs that offer an incentive in exchange for referring others to your brand show that customers are more inclined to follow through with referring others to come and check out your business for themselves. 

5. Offer an Incentive 

Customers love exclusive deals and promotional offers, so use that to your advantage and offer an incentive in exchange for customers referrals. To ensure that customers actually give a referral to your business, offer them something valuable in return–a gift card to use at your business, a discount on a future purchase, etc. the options of what you can offer as an incentive is endless. Remember to reward your customers for doing all the hard work for you in growing your business. 

6. Respond to Feedback 

In order to deserve referrals from your customers, it is important to respond and act on the feedback that you receive. Whether it is positive or negative feedback, it is important to listen to it and act on it to show that you are listening and that you deserve referrals. Utilize customer satisfaction surveys to see where you are exceeding customers’ expectations and where you need to improve. Act on the information that you receive in response to the surveys so that you can continue to meet and exceed all of your customers’ expectations and earn referrals as a business that listens and cares about its customers. 

7. Be Active on Different Platforms

It is not unheard of for consumers to seek out reviews from multiple sources prior to committing to a specific brand or product. In fact, 47% of consumers interact with 3-5 pieces of content prior to reaching out to a sales rep or brand. Knowing this fact means that it is important to get your brand referred to on different platforms. The more places that you can get your brand recommended from customers the easier it will be for you to reach a larger audience and be seen as trustworthy. 

Sticking to one platform just because you know it, or it appears to be easier can be detrimental to your business. Your customers are on various platforms, give them a reason to recommend your business on these various different platforms. 

8. Show Gratitude for Referrals

When your customers do provide you with a referral, it is a good idea to recognize it and show gratitude to them for taking the time to refer to your business. It can be as simple as an email, phone call, or a handwritten note, to let them know how much you appreciate them sharing your business with others. Showing gratitude can go a long way as your customers will appreciate that you noticed, and can result in even more referrals. 

9. Testimonials and Reviews  

When thinking of referrals many people tend to think of the traditional idea of an advertisement or social media post that says “Check out this company” or “I highly recommend this company for…”. But, this is not the only way in which you can get customers active in providing referrals for your brand, it can include written testimonials and reviews that can be used on your company’s website and social media sites. The key to successful referrals is getting them seen and noticed by others, online is a great way to get your brand noticed by a larger audience. 

10. Ask for Referrals

Getting referrals can be as simple and as easy as asking customers to refer you to their friends and family. You never know who will be willing to share simply by being asked to do so. You might be surprised to see how many more referrals you get simply by asking, instead of sitting back and hoping that they just happen. It is as easy as asking customers while they are in your store, to share your business with friends and family who might also enjoy what you have to offer; or when working with a client ask if they know of anyone who could benefit from the services you offer. A whole new world opens up to you when you ask your customers for referrals.

Now that you know the various different ways in which you can get customers referrals for your business, you’re set up for success. But did you know that there is now a way to combine these different methods into one easy-to-use platform that not only invites customer referrals but encourages and incentives customers to recommend your business? It’s true, it’s called ShareitEffect. 

With ShareitEffect you are able to invite and ask for a referral, provide a platform for customers to share, and include an incentive. A revolutionary method that is changing the way in which eCommerce websites ask for and receive customer referrals moving forward. Capitalizing on the power of social media, social proof, customer referrals, and word of mouth, ShareitEffect is helping businesses grow at an accelerated rate like never before. 

Customers want to share your brand with others, and now ShareitEffect has made it easy for them to do just that. You’re getting the referrals that you need and want, customers are getting top-of-the-line customer service, incentives, and a platform to share their experience with others. With ShareitEffect, everyone wins.  

To learn more about ShareitEffect and how it can revolutionize the way that your business receives high-quality referrals, please visit today!  Try a FREE 14-day trial and you will learn for yourself the powerful benefits of ShareitEffect.  

Make it a great day!

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