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Best Alternative to ReferralCandy; ShareitEffect

ShareitEffect is an Excellent Alternative to ReferralCandy

Customer referral is not a new concept, but the way that it is being done is. For years, businesses have relied on their customers to help grow their business, from word of mouth and positive reviews. But now, thanks to the digital internet age, businesses have turned to the internet and referral companies to help speed up brand referrals. 

Referral companies do exactly what the name implies, they help brands capitalize on their customers, getting them to do the marketing for them by referring their friends and family. Since the beginning of referral marketing, this has been achieved through the use of emails and email campaigns. 

There are many different referral companies available that offer the same general services, but achieve the results in different and unique ways. Most referral companies, such as ReferralCandy. That is until now until ShareitEffect which has revolutionized the way in which referral marketing is done. So, what makes ShareitEffect different from ReferralCandy? Why would merchants select ShareitEffect as an alternative to ReferralCandy for their referral marketing needs? 

Comparing ShareitEffect to ReferralCandy, there are a few noticeable differences, which can help you in determining which company will best meet your needs. Below you’ll see a brief overview of some of the features offered by both ShareitEffect and ReferralCandy.


When selecting a referral company to work with, the most important question that any business has is “How much does it cost?”. This allows them to know if they can even afford to hire a referral company and if so, what they will be getting for their money. This is one area where ShareitEffect and ReferralCandy differ not only in pricing but in the different price points they offer and what is included with each plan.

  • ShareitEffect offers 5 different plans at various price points, that can be paid either monthly or annually. The annual plans offer 2 free months! Our plans start at only $37/month, but after all the discounts we offer to every client, it is less than $25/month. We believe in our service, so we use it on our own website – because it works!  Therefore, all of our clients can save 10% for sharing our services on social media (we provide the link).  Additionally, they can earn another 10% if they purchase a plan before their free trial is over.
  • ReferralCandy, unlike ShareitEffect, ReferralCandy only has two payment plans available–a premium that is billed monthly or an enterprise plan that is billed annually. It is important to note that the premium plan offered by ReferralCandy charges a percentage for commission in addition to the monthly payment. Premium plans for ReferralCandy start at $49 per month plus commissions, and the enterprise plan will cost you $3,999 a year. Aside from the price, the only added features to those who have an enterprise account are that they will also have a dedicated account manager and be offered priority support.

Views from Referrals

The whole point of having a referral company is so that they can help you invite and incentivize your customers to refer others to your business. So, when deciding on which referral company is going to work best for you and your business, it is important to know how effective those marketing dollars are going to be, in the form of how many views you’ll receive in return. The more views you get from referrals, the more your business will grow. 

  • ShareitEffect was developed to maximize your customers to the fullest extent, by incentivizing them to talk about your brand online. Not just online, but on social media where they can recommend your business to a larger audience. When it comes to referrals nothing can be 100% guaranteed, but with ShareitEffect there is an estimated number of views that you’ll receive based on the monthly plan that you’ve signed up for. Every time your customers recommend your products on social media an estimated 338 people (family and friends of your customer) will view the post. Monthly, your business could have an estimated 1,690 social media shared views to over 540,800!  Can you imagine how fast and how large your business could grow with those kinds of views and referrals happening monthly? It’s astounding how ShareitEffect is revolutionizing the way businesses grow solely based on the number of views from customers’ recommendations to their followers.
  • ReferralCandy, unfortunately, has no estimate of how effective your referral program can or will be. The number of views that are projected to be viewed by new customers will be dependent upon the number of customers who opt to provide additional emails that will refer others back to your company. Generally, ReferralCandy only reaches 1-5 referrals per transaction.


As with any online campaign, or advertisement it is going to be beneficial and important to know just how well it is performing. If the advertisement isn’t performing like you need or want it to, you can change and adapt it to ensure you are getting the most bang for your marketing dollars. This is where analytics comes into play. 

  • ShareitEffect offers a world-class dashboard and access to reports and analytics, ShareitEffect marks it easy to see exactly how well your referral program is working. You’ll be able to see for yourself how many shares you’ve had, how many views, and how well-received your incentives are. Knowing is half the battle, and with ShareitEffect you know exactly how your customers are responding to your brand and how they are talking and sharing your brand with others.  The analytics are so comprehensive and detailed, that you’ll have a full working knowledge of how your company is responding compared to others within your industry.
  • ReferralCandy has a good dashboard, where you’ll be able to track your sales and insights based on referrals. Additionally, you’ll have a better idea of your customer’s insights, such as who is talking about your brand and what they are saying. Another key component that you’ll get from ReferralCandy is you’ll be able to see how well you are performing compared to industry standards.

Customer Support 

There is nothing more frustrating than paying for a service and then being left to figure it out and learn how to use it all on your own. When things don’t work how they are supposed to, or when you’re unsure of how to access your dashboard, having access to customer support is vital. Because you are in business you know just how important good customer service and support is, which is why you should expect nothing less from those with whom you conduct business. 

  • ShareitEffect offers email support for questions and concerns that don’t require immediate responses, live chat support for urgent matters; plus, customer and technical support via phone or Zoom.  ShareitEffect knows and understands that some issues may arise that need to be addressed immediately, which is why they offer live chat support, where you can chat with someone from ShareitEffect to get issues resolved without having to wait for a response. Time is of the essence, so knowing that there is always someone available to assist you with whatever you may need, provides a sense of relief and peace of mind. Not only is ShareitEffect’s customer support there to help you navigate the technical issues that may arise, but they are also there to help ensure that your referral program is exceeding the results that you need and want to see.
  • ReferralCandy offers its customers the best customer support, with live chat and a user-friendly support center. In addition, ReferralCandy offers access to industry experts to help you get the results that you need and want from your referral program. You’ll have access to marketing guides and tutorials to help you succeed with your referral marketing. Not to mention, their support team is smart, friendly, and happy to help you see the results you want.

As you can see, there are a lot of similarities and some stark differences between ShareitEffect and ReferralCandy. Both are a good option when looking for a referral company to help you capture and act on customer referrals so that your business continues to grow. As the market changes and evolves, so should your referral company, which is why in my opinion ShareitEffect is the best alternative to ReferallCandy.  ShareitEffect is revolutionizing the way that customer referrals work and how businesses are reaping the benefits. The reality is that ShareitEffect reaches 65%+ more high-quality referrals than ReferralCandy (ShareitEffect reaches 338 people per transaction; when ReferralCandy only reaches 1-5 people per transaction).

Get more bang for much less of your hard earned bucks, with  ShareitEffect offers a cutting-edge way to promote and encourage customer referrals, but it is also significantly more effective. To learn more about ShareitEffect and how it can help your business with customer referrals, visit today and schedule a free demo! See first hand how ShareitEffect works and see how it can help your business now and in the future!  Try a risk-free 14-day trial and you’ll be glad you did.


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