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ShareitEffect is the #1 Online Marketing Solution

“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.”



What is online marketing? 

In today’s modern world, the internet is becoming more and more an integral tool to not only help people stay connected but also for businesses to market to new customers. But what happens when businesses are able to capitalize on both and use the relationships and connections that their customers have already established and cultivated to target and reach new customers? The possibility to combine the two, with exponential growth is possible, almost mind-blowing, far exceeding any imaginable successful marketing campaign that has never been possible before. Until now. 

Introducing ShareitEffect, the most powerful and effective online marketing solution available today.  Now, you might be wondering what makes ShareitEffect so effective, or different from other online marketing platforms available. The answer is simple, harness the power of word-of-mouth and social proof and you get the number one online marketing solution available. 

Other online marketing companies have tried to capture the power of referral marketing, but have continued to fall short of the mark. Good intentions can only get you so far, but when you apply the power of social media and the relationships that have been established, and cultivated over prolonged periods of time, those good intentions turn into results and profits. It is the ability to not only talk about results but actually provide results that make ShareitEffect stand out from the competition. 

So, why does it matter that ShareitEffect is different, more effective, and better than other online marketing options available? For the average person, it might not matter, but for a small business owner who you entrust your online marketing can make all the difference between staying in business and closing your doors. The right online marketing solution is important for small businesses as large corporations; all businesses can benefit from utilizing a proven online marketing solution that is different from all the others, yet just as effective, if not more so. 

In this article, we’ll discuss in detail the different components that make ShareitEffect different, effective, and the number one online marketing solution for businesses. All of the components will be discussed in great detail and include facts, quotes, and proof to back the claim.



What Makes ShareitEffect Effective?

Online marketing requires more than just getting your name out there for customers to see and know. It takes repeated effort to entice and incentivize customers to click on your ads or link to your website wanting to learn more. But getting your brand and name out there is a delicate game, as you don’t want to flood potential customers with your brand so that they become annoyed and choose to ignore your efforts instead of acting on them. 

The key to any online marketing platform to be effective is that it has to facilitate action on the part of the customers. ShareitEffect has developed a unique platform that does exactly that, it facilitates action which is part of what makes it so effective compared to other marketing solutions. Facilitating action is only one of the things that make ShareitEffect so effective; there are a lot of other components that work together to make it so successful for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

Here are a few different components that make online marketing successful and how ShareitEffect utilizes them to be the number one online marketing solution.  


What is Herd Behavior?

By definition, herd behavior is “when people do what other people are doing instead of using their own information or making independent decisions.”.  Herd behavior can be motivated by fear, uncertainty, or a shared identity of decision-makers. In other words, herd behavior is the act of following the actions of others without regard to information or making decisions for ourselves. 

Herd behavior is a social behavior in which a group of people in a sense turn their individual decision-making and thoughts over to the group, or group leader. Although herd behavior implies that there is a group leader, there is in fact no leader, just a group of people who come together at the same time and act in the same or similar way. 

Why do we choose to follow the actions of others instead of making our own decisions? Oftentimes we elect to follow the actions of others because we perceive their actions to be the correct behavior for any given situation, or simply we follow suit because we are afraid of missing out if we don’t. 

In some respects, there are a lot of negative connotations regarding herd behavior and herd mentality, as some view it as limiting and even stifling the idea of free thinking and acting independently. Some even believe that when you are in a herd mentality, you don’t see things as they really are as you are blind by the belief that whatever the perceived leader of the herd is claiming to be true or right. 

Although some may argue that herd behavior is a negative thing and can be harmful, that is not always the case. In fact, herd behavior can actually be a positive and good thing. For example, when animals are gathered together in a herd, they generally don’t stray from the herd as it offers protection and safety. Similarly, human herd behavior can be viewed as a means of protection, safety, or justification. 

You’ve probably seen examples of positive human herd behavior all around you and not even realized it. One of the most common examples of herd behavior is when walking down the street looking for a place to go for dinner, people are more inclined to select a restaurant that is crowded and busy over an empty restaurant. This is because it is perceived that the busier restaurant is better simply based on the fact that there are more people eating there. 

Another common example, a bad example, of herd behavior is protests, riots, and large crowds. Oftentimes, these instances start out peaceful, turning violent and dangerous when the herd mentality causes individuals to act and speak in ways that are not their norm. Fortunately, this type of herd behavior is not common. 

Recently, negative herd behavior was seen across the country through riots and protests in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. All of these protests were intended to be a peaceful gathering of like-minded individuals who wanted to show support for the movement, it quickly became apparent how in a herd setting, individuals can quickly follow others and act outside of their normal behavior. 

On the other hand, herd behavior has been and continues to be seen as having a positive effect on others’ buying decisions. For example, Black Friday is deemed as the busiest shopping day of the year, as such, it is not uncommon to hear of a buying frenzy surrounding a particular item or product. A few years ago it was Tickle Me Elmo, now it tends to be the latest electronic device to hit the market. Similarly, every time Apple announces the release of a new iPhone, customers who had no intention of upgrading, start to see their friends and family talking about the new phone and how great it and its new features are, they soon find themselves planning to buy the newest iPhone much sooner than they originally anticipated. 

Online marketing solutions, such as ShareitEffect recognize the power that comes with herd behavior, and how it can impact and influence online marketing. When a large number of people see others doing an act that is perceived as being correct, others will follow suit. It is this idea that friends, acquaintances, and even complete strangers can influence others buying decisions that makes online marketing successful. 

Similar to how others bragging or talking about their latest iPhone purchase, ShareitEffect uses this marketing strategy to be successful and help brands reach and exceed their sales goals. Sharing a brand or product is the key to acting on the idea of herd mentality and making online marketing successful.


Customer Lifetime Value 101

Business 101 teaches that customers are vital to a business’s growth and success. Knowing just how important a customer is to your business is more than the old adage of “the customer is always right”, but more along the line of how much value a customer is to your business. This metric extends beyond the interaction of each individual purchase, but the value they add to your business over the lifetime of the business relationship. 

It is cheaper to keep and retain existing customers than it is to attract new customers, which is why it is important for a business owner to understand and measure the value of a customer over a lifetime. Once you know the customer lifetime value for your business, you are then able to develop marketing strategies that enable you to retain your existing customers while attracting new customers and maintaining profit margins all at the same time. 

One of the things that makes customer lifetime value different from other customer metrics, such as customer loyalty and customer satisfaction, is that customer lifetime value is tangibly linked to revenue, whereas loyalty and satisfaction are intangible. Don’t be intimidated by thinking you need to figure out some complex equation to determine the value of your customers, instead just be mindful of how much they are giving to your business over a lifetime. 

On the flip side of customer lifetime value is the cost of customer acquisition, this includes marketing, advertising, and special offers, etc.  It takes money to make money, so you’ll have to invest money upfront to attract new customers, who will then make you money in the long run. 

In order to get a more accurate idea of how much value a customer is bringing to your business is to know how much a customer is costing your business. For example, a customer who brings in an average of $100, but costs more than $100 to attract them in the first place, is a negative asset. The way to offset this is to revamp the acquisition plan and find ways to save money while still acquiring new customers. Another aspect to consider is how much it costs to serve customers. In other words, how much does it cost to get the products into your customers’ hands? This part of the equation includes overhead, logistics, employees, customer service, your physical location, etc. 

Once you break it down, you’ll be able to see if attracting new customers is more expensive than retaining old ones, or vice versa. Additionally, you’ll see that the cost to serve may change over the lifetime of your customers, meaning it is important to constantly evaluate and see how much value your customer is bringing to you at all times. 

Now that we’ve established the importance and the general idea of customer value over a lifetime, let’s discuss ways in which you can promote and improve your customer value.

  • Invest in a Customer Experience 

Your customer’s experience is every single interaction that a customer has with your brand, inducing but not limited to, visiting your physical store, contacting customer support/services, purchasing a product, use of products, your presence on social media, and their exposure to paid advertisements online. Each of these encounters provides you with an opportunity to create an experience that you can build on and improve with every opportunity. Building and improving on the experience that your customer has to ensure it is a positive one, is a business long endeavor, something that will constantly need to be reevaluated and tweaked over time. When businesses invest in providing an exceptional customer experience, it translates to increased customer loyalty and brand growth. 

  • Make Onboarding Process Seamless 

Customers’ experiences begin from the first moment they encounter your brand, but it is important to remember that first impressions are not the only time you need to impress your customers. In fact, it is important that you remember customers’ needs and want to be taken care of after they have made a purchase. Companies that require an onboarding process for their customers need to ensure that the entire process is simple, easy to follow, requiring minimal effort on their part. When you go the extra mile to make things easier and seamless for your customers they will notice and appreciate the effort. 

  • Start a Loyalty Program 

One of the best ways to incentivize and encourage repeat business is by establishing a loyalty program. A loyalty program can consist of discounts, benefits, or other rewards and incentives to encourage customers to join your loyalty program and continue buying from you. When you plan and execute your loyalty program well, you’re setting your business up to be successful with customer retention. 

  • Recognize and Reward Your Best Customers 

After figuring out which customers will bring the most value to your business, you’ll then be able to reward those who bring in the most value.  You can cultivate these relationships through a variety of different methods, such as a  VIP type program, free shipping, exclusive access to pre-release products or services. These customers already have proven that they are extremely valuable to your business, and when you go out of your way to reward them and show your appreciation, their value to your business can also increase. 

  • Provide Customer Support 

Try as hard as you might, it is inevitable that at some point, at least one customer is going to have an issue with either a product or service that you offer. When that happens it is important that your customers are able to get a hold of you and resolve the issues. Because different customers will have different preferences on how they want to communicate, email, live chat, phone call, etc. Doing your research as to which method your customers prefer, prior to the need of being able to communicate with your customers will help to ensure that you are available for them to communicate with via their preferred method. If possible, provide multiple different communication methods to meet the needs of your customers. 

  • Remember the Power of Social Media 

Today, social media is incredibly important for businesses and customers alike. Not only is it important for communication between you and your customers but it is also a vital tool to pass information regarding your brand and public image. If customers try to get questions answered or find information regarding your business on social media and are unable to get the information they need, or consider your response to be too slow or not satisfactory, it could affect their overall opinion of your business. Don’t neglect or overlook the importance and power that your social media carries with it. 

  • Work to Satisfy Unhappy Customers 

The sooner you are able to address and work to correct issues, the more likely you are to turn unsatisfied customers into satisfied ones. As soon as you become aware of an issue, reach out to the affected customers and work to correct the issue, so that your customers will return and keep coming back, adding to their lifetime value. 

As you can see, knowing the value that your customers bring to your business over a lifetime is important to your success. A good example of seeing how much value is added is to look at your loyal customers and how often they frequent your business and the average amount they spend. Add the numbers together and you’ll get a good idea of how much money they bring in each year. That will show you the average value that they are bringing to your business. Knowing the value they bring can help you with your marketing efforts and attracting new customers. 


ShareitEffect Provides Immediate Trust and Credibility

In order to further illustrate how ShareitEffect is the number one online marketing solution, it is imperative to see that not only does ShareitEffect help you to define the customer lifetime value, but it also provides proof of herd behavior in action. Because ShareitEffect does all this and so much more, it helps to provide trust and credibility to businesses through its unique online marketing platform.

The trust and credibility are built in part thanks to your loyal customers who already vouch for your brand. As a business owner, you have a lot of options when it comes to how you are going to demonstrate to your customer that you are trustworthy and credible and that they should invest their hard-earned dollars into your business. 

One of the ways that are gaining traction is through the use of an online marketing solution that enables your customers to see for themselves. When you trust an online marketing company to help you build trust and credibility with your customers, you don’t want to trust just anyone, you want the best. ShareitEffect is the number one online marketing solution available because they are able to help you build trust and credibility better than any other online marketing options available. Here is how: 

  • Facebook Posts = Proof

The number one thing that makes ShareitEffect different and more effective than other online marketing options out there is that it utilizes Facebook posts. But, these Facebook posts aren’t coming from you directly, they are coming from your loyal customers who are referring their friends and family to your business. 

The more customers whom you can entice to share your brand to their Facebook profile, using the link provided by ShareitEffect helps to build more trust and credibility. When people see their friends and family talking about a brand instead of paid advertisements, there is an increased level of credibility that the brands are as authentic as they seem because the recommendation is coming from friends and family, not strangers. Therefore, Facebook posts are equal proof that a brand is what they claim to be; and because ShareitEffect utilizes Facebook posts to help their clients, it goes to show that ShareitEffect really is the number one online marketing solution. 

  • Organic and Perpetual Traffic 

When it comes to increasing the traffic to your website, it is important to know where your traffic is coming from. Is it organic or is it coming from paid advertisements? Organic traffic is the better of the two options because it is targeted, meaning that those who visit your website via an organic search means that they are coming to your website with a specific intent in mind. Whether they found your website via an internet search or saw a specific product or service recommended by a friend, it is an authentic and organic visit that often results in a new customer. 

But what happens if you can get both organic and perpetual traffic at the same time? It is possible with ShareitEffect, as your customers will be sharing what products they are buying from you or a specific service that you offer with their friends and family when they visit your site (organic traffic), and then refer their friends and family (perpetual traffic). Organic and perpetual traffic is the perfect storm, as it means that you will be getting a never-ending stream of new and authentic traffic to your website who will be more inclined to make a purchase than those who visit as a result of a paid advertisement. 

For example, recently I was looking for a specific type of calendar for my office. I remembered that I had seen a friend on Facebook share a very similar type of calendar with a link to the website where she got it. As a result of her sharing her experience, I was able to find exactly what I was looking for, and refer others to the same website. The post where she shared where she got her calendars from had over 1.2 thousand comments and 108 shares! While not all of them were in regards to the calendars, a vast majority of them were! Just imagine how much business that calendar store got from her one single post! Now imagine, if that had been your business? What could you do if your business gained that kind of organic and perpetual traffic consistently? With ShareitEffect your business can experience that kind of traffic, by using your customers to help advertise for you! All it takes is a simple Facebook post shared by the right customer to grow your



How ShareitEffect Works 

By now you might be wondering how ShareitEffect works and what makes it the number one online marketing solution. The simple answer is that it uses your existing customers, who already have proven how valuable they are to your business, to recruit and entice new customers. This is achieved by providing an incentive or motivation to get your customers to talk and share their experience with your brand with others via their social media profiles. 

ShareitEffect works by embedding a specific code into the backend of your website that allows your customers to receive a discount code or a free item, simply by sharing what they are purchasing to their Facebook page. You are able to determine what sort of discount or incentive you want to reward your customers with, how many of each specific reward to give out and if you want to reward the friends that click on the link from Facebook. You are in complete control of your marketing campaign with ShareitEffect. 

Additionally, ShareitEffect has built-in fraud protection to ensure that you are not losing money while utilizing ShareitEffect’s marketing platform. This includes a unique discount code that can only be used one time, to eliminate the possibility of fraud. You’re protected and your customers are rewarded for sharing your business with their friends and family, who can also be rewarded for sharing with their friends and family. The number of new loyal customers, who can provide high value over the lifetime of the business is endless when your customers share with others. 

It has been proven that referrals from friends and family yield higher results than those from strangers or paid advertisements. It is this idea that proves how effective herd behavior is and why ShareitEffects works. When people see a brand is recommended by someone they personally know and trust, they view it as being true and want to experience it for themselves; they don’t necessarily question anything when they know where the referral is coming from and it is positive. 

All of these different components–herd behavior, customer lifetime value, and trust and credibility are what make ShareitEffect the number one online marketing solution. Each component on its own provides benefits to help a company grow, but when they all work together the results can be and usually are phenomenal. There is no other online marketing solution available that can promise you the results that ShareitEffect can, that is as affordable and genuine. 

Try ShareitEffect for free and see why it is the number one online marketing solution that will meet and exceed your business needs. 





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