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Social Media Ads vs. ShareitEffect

Social Media Ads Vs ShareitEffect

Is There a Better Solution to Social Media Advertisements?

As a business owner, it is important to keep growing your business, reaching new customers, and keeping loyal customers satisfied. There are many different ways in which you can do it, and depending on who you ask the answer as to which method is best may be different. Some may claim that organic word-of-mouth is the only way to go; whereas, others may suggest trying paid advertisements to get your name out there. So, how do you know which way is the right way to grow your business? 

This is a question that is going to need to be asked and addressed as your business does grow and evolve. A few years ago, the best way to market and grow a business was through paid advertisements, and now as things have changed more consumers are getting information and referrals through word-of-mouth, social proof, and online sources. 

It is also important to note that just because you decide to invest your time and energy into one method of marketing, does not mean that you have to exclude all other methods. The wonderful thing about online marketing is that you can have the best of both worlds–paid advertisements and organic word-of-mouth. It is your business and you are able to adapt and create a marketing plan that is going to yield you the results that you need and want to see for your business.

In this article, we’ll discuss paid social media ads and how they compare to organic word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations, the pros and cons of both, and why I believe that organic word-of-mouth is the better way to go in today’s marketing world. 

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Paid Advertisements vs. Organic Word-of-Mouth Referrals/Recommendations

What do all these advertising mediums have in common:  social media ads, tv ads, radio ads, billboards, direct mailers, and even email marketing ads?  

Answer….  They all come from a stranger.  Businesses spend billions of dollars every year on advertising; but, regardless of how good their advertisement is, at the end of the day, they are still a stranger trying to market to you and me.  

The reality is that strangers advertise, but friends sell.

As the name would imply, paid advertisements are anything that is influenced by advertising dollars, also known as sponsored posts. In these instances, brands pay to have their products featured on various social media platforms to gain attention and attract buyers. The idea of paid advertisements is to gain the attention of users beyond their current followers, to gain new followers, who then become paying customers. 

Unlike paid advertisements, organic marketing relies on brands and products to sell themselves without paying for advertisement. Essentially there is no money spent on advertising, it all comes about as a result of people talking about and sharing their experience with brands that they know and like. 

Until recently, organic advertising was the most common method of advertising, other than the big companies who could afford to pay for print and TV ads. Many small businesses did and still do rely heavily on organic word-of-mouth advertising to get off the ground and grow their business. Both paid advertisements and organic word-of-mouth work independently of each other and simultaneously when paired together. 

Let’s dive deeper into each and learn more about them, so as you are able to make an even more informed decision about what marketing method will work best for you and your business. 

Paid Social Media Advertisements 

To reiterate, paid social media advertisements are anything on social media that is influenced by money. Whether it is an actual clickable ad that is posted on social media sites or a sponsored post located at the top of a news feed or in an influencer’s story, if there is money being used behind the content, it is a paid advertisement. These are commonly done to start conversations and extend a brand’s reach beyond its current followers. 

Paid social media advertisements are one of the most affordable, and least expensive types of advertising available. The pay-to-play model that is only available on social media, is what makes them flexible so that you are able to target only those whom you want to attract to your business. Because you are able to cater your ads to the audience whom you want to reach, you only have to pay for those whom you do reach, so you aren’t paying for ads that are being viewed by people who have no interest in what you have to offer. 

Each social media platform has different strengths when it comes to paid advertisements–Twitter concentrates on short-form content, whereas Instagram’s strength is in visual content, Facebook utilizes its own shopping platform Marketplace to advertise, and LinkedIn is home to professional networking. Each platform has its own strengths and differs in how they advertise, so should the advertisements to ensure optimal success. It doesn’t do much good to advertise on Twitter if your customers primarily use Instagram and Facebook. It all goes with knowing your audience, knowing where best to spend your marketing dollars to get the most return on your advertisements. 

If you are on the fence about whether or not paid advertisements are the right way to go, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

  • Paid advertising brings external marketing strategies into popular social media platforms. Utilizing the strengths of each individual social media platform, to increase awareness of a brand and to start conversations that lead to conversions.
  • Traditional paid advertising is quite expensive, which is what makes social media advertising attractive to many brands. More affordable and more effective than other paid advertisements, it makes sense to invest in paid social media advertisements as brands are seeing a greater return on their investment.
  • Social media advertisements allow you to target a specific audience instead of paying to advertise to every person on social media. Using filters, settings, and other criteria, you’re able to establish a target audience that is specific to your demographic and brand.
  • Compared to paid TV and radio ads, which charge based on the length of time they run and what time of day they run, paid social media ads to charge based on the length of time you want to run your ad for (i.e., one month or six months), and the targeted number of users you are hoping to reach with your ad. This marketing method makes social media ads far cheaper than TV or radio ads.

How do Paid Advertisements Work?

The way that paid social media advertisements work can vary from platform to platform, with each one having its own strengths and weaknesses. Although they vary, there are three components that are the same across all platforms: visual content, easy access to lead capture, and enough room to include enticing ad copy. As long as you include these three components, your ads are set up for success! But, let’s discuss the different platforms and what you’ll need to be successful on each one. 

  • Facebook If you are looking for the most robust and competitive paid social media advertising available, Facebook Targeted Ads are the way to go. But there is a catch. In order to get targeted ads, you have to bid on them, via Facebook’s bidding system. Essentially, brands place a bid on the number of ads they want to run that target a specific audience, that bid is then placed into a lottery for a chance to be picked and viewed by the specified audience. 

One of the biggest advantages that Facebook Ads have over other paid social media advertisements is that they allow you to narrow down your advertisements to reach a specific audience. You can determine your audience based on geography, interests, demographics, and more. While this fact may not be attractive or appealing to large global brands who want to reach every person on social media, being able to reach a specific audience can make a world of difference for small businesses. 

When using paid Facebook Ads, you are able to build new leads and cultivate brand awareness. Facebook provides reports and analytics for paid advertising, which provides valuable information so you are able to experiment with variables, such as posting time, and content type to find what formats reach the largest audience and which ones your audience engages with the most. 

Facebook ads have a proven track record of conversion and success. If you are just starting out with paid social media advertisements, Facebook is a good place to start

  • Twitter Unlike Facebook ads, paid advertisements on Twitter are more subtle. When scrolling through Twitter, it can be difficult to distinguish between regular tweets and paid tweets as they look the same. For brands and marketing strategists, this is great news, as it means that you’ll be able to advertise to a large audience without them even knowing it! More eyes will see your advertisement and possibly react more positively because the ads aren’t viewed as intrusive and blatant as ads on other social media platforms.

When thinking about paid social media advertisements, it might be easy to overlook Twitter, but don’t brush it off too quickly. Twitter reports having 192 million monetizable daily users, which means that you have the potential to reach a very large number of people quickly. Additionally, when you use Twitter’s ad software, you are able to target your advertising to reach a specific demographic that pertains to your business. 

Twitter allows brands to customize ads with ad settings based on their marketing budget. These settings allow for brands to select how frequently the ads will be seen, where they will be seen and the type of ad that will be run. When you are ready to give paid ads on Twitter a try, with all the different formats Twitter has to offer, there is bound to be one that will be just right for you to achieve your goals.

  • Instagram This has become an extremely popular and widely used social media platform, which means that it should come as no surprise that a whopping 84% of people discover new products simply from being active on Instagram! With the ability to reach that many users with a simple advertisement, it is a no-brainer why brands are paying for a spot to be featured in front of the 1.16 Billion accounts on Instagram.

There are a few features that Instagram offers to those who run paid advertisements that aren’t available on other platforms. First off, in order to be able to run ads on Instagram, you’ll need to have a business profile, which will then enable you to set up an eCommerce store directly in the app. For those who don’t already have an eCommerce site, or want to test one out before committing, this is a great way to do that and be able to accept payments online. 

Another advantage of using Instagram is that because Facebook owns Instagram, you’ll be running paid ads on both platforms at the same time, and manage them all through Facebook. Instagram allows for you to choose the amount in which you want to spend on your ads, starting as low as $1. The amount you chose is tied to the timeline of how long you want your ad to run and the size of the audience you are trying to reach. In other words, your Instagram ad will run during the time you pay for it.

  • LinkedIn When thinking about social media advertising, you might not necessarily think about LinkedIn as a platform to advertise on. But, before you dismiss it entirely, it is good to note that LinkedIn is home to millions of professionals’ online portfolios. Through this medium, millions of professionals have been able to build connections with other professionals, find their dream job, and in some cases both! The unique thing about LinkedIn is that it allows for users to reach thousands of other professionals, many of which are leaders, hiring managers, and decision-makers for your industry.

Capitalizing on these connections and online relationships with other professionals within your industry is what makes LinkedIn’s paid advertisements so successful. With over 740 million professionals on LinkedIn, paid advertisers are a business-to-business advertiser’s optimal marketing platform. With the ability to reach millions of others from your industry, it is a good idea to consider using LinkedIn’s paid advertising for business-to-business advertising.  



There is a unique audience that can be reached through social media, when you harness that power your ability to reach a larger audience and grow your business is unstoppable. Thanks to, you can harness the power of social media advertising without having to pay for social media advertisements. Instead, you let your customers use their free social media accounts to advertise for you, by recommending your products to hundreds of their followers.. 

Everyone’s buying habits are largely due to their friend’s recommendations, not because they saw it online or on tv. 

As I look around my own home and yard I can count numerous things that my family has or participates in only because a friend recommended it to us. Making recommendations and receiving recommendations from our family and friends is so natural that we don’t even know how often we are doing it. 

The power of recommendations and word-of-mouth is real; you do it, I do it, and now – thanks to – your customers will do it for you! No matter what industry you’re in, or what your targeted audience is, ShareitEffect can help you reach those people and grow your business by encouraging your customers to sell your brand to others. 

How Does ShareitEffect Work? 

ShareitEffect works by providing an incentive so that your customers share your brand and products with their followers. This method has multiple benefits that can not be achieved through paid advertisements. Simply start by signing up with ShareitEffect and integrate your eCommerce website with your ShareitEffect account. Now you are ready to reap all the rewards that come from ShareitEffect. 

One of the biggest benefits of ShareitEffect is that it is extremely affordable. Instead of spending copious amounts of your profits on marketing and paid advertisements, you are able to keep more money in your business. The second benefit is that when you entrust advertising to your customers, you’ll reach a larger audience than even the most refined paid advertisements can’t reach. The reality of it is, strangers advertise, but friends sell! 

So how exactly does ShareitEffect work and help to grow your business? Its as simple as providing an incentive for your customers to share your business with their friends, customers share your brand and products to their social media pages, and the cycle continues with new customers seeing your brand from their friends, adding items to their shopping cart, sharing on their social media page, and on and on it goes. Customers are satisfied and feel as though they are winning because they received a discount, businesses are winning because they are saving money on advertising while also growing their business. It’s a win-win situation for both customers and businesses alike. 

The thing that makes ShareitEffect so effective is the fact that it is customers who are sharing brands and products that they love, not strangers. As long as brands have been advertising, they have been trying to recreate authentic word-of-mouth, but it is impossible for brands and businesses to recreate with the same effect. 

Until now. 

ShareitEffect lets you be in control of your advertising, by deciding what incentive to give your customers for sharing (i.e., a percentage off, a buy one get one deal, etc.), it is completely up to you and completely customizable. You also get to determine how many of each discount you want to offer, so you are in control over how many customers get a discount and how long you want to run the incentive for. 

When you give power to your customers, they will do the marketing and advertising for you. The number of people that can be reached and found, simply by having your customers do the work for you is exponentially more than if you tried to do all the work yourself. 

Unlike traditional marketing methods, there are no downsides to using ShareitEffect to market and share your business with others. It really is as straightforward as it seems, with your customers selling your brand and products to their friends and family on social media. Instead of paying influencers to advertise your businesses, you are rewarding your customers for being loyal to your brand and telling others about it. 

All it takes is one customer to share your business online with their friends, who then shares with their friends, and so on and so on. Before you know it, you’ve reached thousands and thousands of new customers who until a few minutes ago on social media, didn’t even know your brand existed. 

To further illustrate my point that Strangers Advertise, but Friends Sell, with permission, I share this true story…  

Jackie Peterson had been looking for a specific pillow for years.  Finally, she found the pillow online.  She was so excited that she selected to post about it on her social media. Her post was seen by over 400 of her friends and family. The post automatically included an image of the pillow, the name of the brand, and an embedded link back to the pillow website.  Within only a few short hours, Jackie’s post had 30 likes, 19 shares, 27 comments, and 45 people personally reached out to thank Jackie for her recommendation and mentioned that they had purchased one or more pillows themselves.  This example, plus thousands more like it, proves my point that: “Friends sell”!

This is exactly what does and it can make similar experiences frequently happen for your online business. Imagine 10, 100, or more of your customers, on a regular basis, recommending your products or services to thousands of their followers.

ShareitEffect can help any business to grow and become what it is meant to be, by simply turning your advertising campaigns over to your customers and letting them do the talking for you. When you let your customers sell your products to their friends, you’ll discover the true marketing power and genius behind ShareitEffect, and you’ll never want to go back to traditional marketing methods. 


When you compare ShareitEffect to paid social media advertisements, there is no comparison, ShareitEffect is far superior in every aspect. ShareitEffect is genuine and authentic in every aspect, as it is actual customers who are talking about your brand and not a paid marketing professional trying to sell your brand.

Secondly, ShareitEffect is more affordable than paid advertisements, as it only costs you a fraction of what you would be spending to reach a smaller audience through social media advertising. You determine how much of a discount you want to offer customers for sharing your brand, that is all that it will cost you to reap the rewards and experience the highest return on your investment. 

The idea behind ShareitEffect is not a new idea, but ShareitEffect is the first one to develop a platform that allows you to capitalize on the idea and use it to help grow your business. Finally, we have harnessed the power of word-of-mouth that marketing experts have been trying to recreate for years, and it has never been easier to grow and advertise your business with guaranteed results. 

Give it a try today and see for yourself how ShareitEffect is far superior and more effective than paid social media advertising. Your marketing dollars will go so much farther and your business will grow in ways that you could have only dreamed it would! Experience the ShareitEffect difference for yourself, you’ll be glad you did! 

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