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Ultimate Referral Marketing Program

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Referral Marketing Program Unlike Any Other

One of the biggest ways in which ShareitEffect is different is instead of doing all the work yourself, your customers are doing it for you. Essentially, this is a referral marketing program unlike any other. Taking everything that we have discussed and learned about social proof and how important it is to grow your business. As much as you think you can do it simply through paid advertisements, consistent social media posts, and relying on people to stumble across your business; you won’t have nearly as much success as if you were to invest in ShareitEffect. 

ShareitEffect can help attract customers at the lowest cost, dramatically increase retention, 

and grow your revenue via the most targeted loyalty solution. Essentially what this means is that your current customers share your business online to their social followers (friends and family) by offering them an incentive. Your customers’ action of posting your brand on their social media will attract new customers, who will do the same thing and the cycle will continue again and again. 

The only things you are responsible for is providing awesome customer service, a product or service that is worth bragging about, and a discount to get customers to recommend you to their friends and family. Read on to see how else ShareitEffect is different from all the other traditional marketing methods you’re probably already familiar with. 

How ShareitEffect is the Best Referral Marketing Solution

Now that we know the different types of social proof and how they work, it is now time to dive into social proof and marketing using the ShareifEffects proprietary solutions and how they are different from other marketing methods. When you purposefully introduce social proof into your marketing strategy, you are able to reach a larger audience, than if you were to rely on traditional marketing methods alone. There are three main ways in which ShareitEffect can help businesses to attract customers, dramatically increase retention, and watch their revenue grow. 

Share the Experience: The easiest way to take advantage of the ShareitEffect model is to first create an opportunity that makes it extremely easy for consumers to share their experiences with their online social media friends and followers. The simple act of sharing a product or service on a personal social media page can have far-reaching effects. 

When you find a product that exceeds all of your expectations, you naturally want to share your discovery with everyone you know. This is especially true if you discover a new product that just hit the market, you found something you’ve been searching everywhere for, or something that simply blew your mind! Regardless of the reason for wanting to share, you simply want to share with everyone so they can go and get one for themselves. 

Consider this real-life example, where one person shared a product they found and loved, and how many of their friends also purchased the product for themselves. Jackie Peterson had been on the hunt to find the perfect pillow to replace the one that she had for years. After purchasing and returning countless different pillows, she happened to stumble across the pillow she had been searching for. After making her discovery, Jackie took to Facebook to share her pillows with her 400+ followers. Her post was met with such a positive response and many of her friends inquired as to where they could purchase the pillows for themselves! Her post had 27 comments and at least 45 people directly let her know they had purchased one or more new pillows – all based on her recommendation. The sales from Jackie’s post profited the pillow company at least $3,000. 

All of the revenue and happy customers came because Jackie shared her positive experience and love for her new pillows to her social media followers. If Jackie can do it and have such a positive response, you can too by simply providing a way for your customers to share your brand with their social media followers. 

Provide an Incentive: You might be surprised by how many people you can entice to share their experience via social media by simply offering them a discount. People love discounts! A small discount won’t cost you too much but can drastically increase your sales.

How ShareitEffect differs in this regard is that instead of taking a survey, or providing feedback directly to the company, ShareitEffect encourages consumers to share directly to their social media friends and family. Because the opinion and recommendations from those we know personally carry a lot of weight, it is a powerful tool to take our recommendations directly to those with whom we can have the biggest impact. 

Once a recommendation has been shared on social media, an incentive, or thank you can be then passed on to the individual for their recommendation. Knowing that you’ll get something in return for simply sharing a product or service that you love on your social media account, is going to be incentive enough for your customers to share! You know you’re going to be on social media anyway, and you’ll be telling your friends and family about your purchase, so why not get rewarded for it? 

Why Use ShareitEffect as Your Referral Marking Partner

You never know where your next customers are going to come from, is it going to be someone walking in from off the street or haphazardly searching the internet? Or is it going to be from a paid advertisement, or from a recommendation from a previous customer? Regardless of where new customers come from, it is important to keep thinking about where they are going to come from and how you are going to attract them to your business. 

We’ve all heard the mantra “There is Power in Numbers”, this simple idea is the key to running a successful business, because the more customers you have (i.e., the higher the numbers), the more successful your business becomes. When you are able to take your current customers and incentivize them to share their experience with your business to others, to attract future customers, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. 

In general, people like to receive something at a discounted rate, which is the reason why ShareitEffect works and is such an effective marketing strategy. You are giving consumers what they want, while also getting what you want in return. As this cycle continues, your business continues to grow, and your list of happy customers grows beyond what you could have ever imagined. 

Not only are your customers helping to grow your business online, but you will also quickly see significantly better results than Facebook Ads, at a fraction of the cost. Not only does ShareitEffect reap better results than Facebook Ads, but you’ll also see more results than any other paid marketing campaign available. 

Social proof is such an integral part of any online marketing campaign. ShareitEffect has the knowledge and the know-how to get the word out in a positive and engaging way, just like Jackie did with her pillows, which can have a major return on your initial investment. You never know which customer is going to be the one that will propel your business to the next level. Therefore, you need to treat every customer as though they might be that “one”. 

ShareitEffect can make a world of difference, by simply taking your word-of-mouth and social proof marketing to a whole extraordinary new level than it has ever reached before. Give it a try for free, and see for yourself how ShareitEffect can get you noticed and grow your business through social proof and online word-of-mouth. Experience the ShareitEffect difference for yourself, and see why this is the most targeted and powerful marketing solution!

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