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Return on Investment Calculator

The Revolutionary Marketing Tool

There are a few different components that play into being able to calculate and determine your Return on Investment (ROI) when you utilize the revolutionary marketing tool of ShareitEffect. To help you determine your ROI, ShareitEffect has developed an ROI calculator specific to their services. Let’s take a closer look and see how you can use the calculator to calculate how much money you could be making.  

As with all investments, there is no guarantee that you’ll get the results you are projected to receive. Customers and other external factors will all contribute to your success, which is why any ROI calculator is just an estimate and not guaranteed results.  However, the results of thousands cannot go unnoticed.  (Click this link to access the ShareitEffect ROI Calculator.)

Current Average Number of Transactions 

Before you can determine what your return will be, you’ll first need to know how many transactions you process on a monthly basis. This number may fluctuate month-to-month, but by utilizing the average you should be able to get a good idea of what your return may be.

To help you understand what we define as a “transaction” please consider the following example.  If a customer comes to your store and buys more than one item, that’s still one transaction.  A “transaction” is not the number of products or services sold, but the number of times your customers checkout (finish a complete order).

Average Order Value (AOV) or Average Transaction Dollar Amount

Once you have determined how many orders you process on average every month, you can then look at how much you earned per transaction on average. This is determined by simply taking the total revenue for the month divided by the total number of transactions you processed during that same period of time to give you the AOV. 

“Share it” Discount Percentage

How much of a discount do you want to offer your customers as an incentive to share your products to hundreds of their followers on social media? Do you know how much you can offer and still make a decent profit off the order? What is the minimum you can offer? What is the maximum you can offer? How much are you willing to offer? These are all questions that you can and need to ask yourself when determining what “share it” discount percentage you want to offer as an incentive. 

Knowing the average number of transactions you process each month and the average amount each order is worth will be critical components in determining how much you want to offer as a discount. 

ShareitEffect Service Fee

When calculating the cost of your investment, you’ll need to factor in the ShareitEffect Service Fee. This fee is minimal compared to other services, yet it will help you to yield higher results. This fee should be considered as part of your investment, as it will yield you higher returns and profits. 

Cost of Discounts Given to Your Customers 

Once you have figured out the average number of orders processed every month, the average amount of each order, the discount you’ll be offering, and the service fee; the ShareitEffect ROI calculator can then give you a projected dollar amount that you’ll be giving to your customers simply by sharing. This number is just a projection and can help you in determining if you need to lower or raise the discount you are offering to your customers. 

Estimated Number of Shares

Additionally, the ShareitEffect ROI calculator will give you a projected number of shares that they are estimating. This number will be a reflection of the anticipated number of customers who decided to take advantage of your discount incentive and share your products, and services on their social media profiles. The higher this number is, the better your return will be! Based on this number, the ShareitEffect ROI Calculator will then be able to provide you with an estimated number of views and impressions from the shared posts. 

Amount of New Traffic 

The amount of new traffic is the anticipated number of new customers you’ll receive to your website as a result of people sharing your products. This number specifically is referring to the anticipated results from friend-to-friend referrals from your shared posts. The more new people you can get to visit your site, the higher your potential ROI can be. 

Average Revenue Increase

Based on all of the above data, the ShareitEffect ROI Calculator is then able to calculate and give you a projected average revenue increase based on your initial investment. This number is based on the anticipated new sales and traffic that you will receive to your website as a result of your current customers sharing your brand on their social media profiles. The higher the number of impressions and shares that you are able to generate, the higher your projected average revenue increase will be. 

Total Expense 

While all of this looks and sounds good, you’ll want to know exactly how much all of this is going to cost you. You might be thinking that you’ll be paying exorbitant fees like many other marketing services require to yield such profound results, but you’ll be surprised to find out just how little you’ll have in expenses to yield the kind of results that are possible with ShareitEffect. 

Your total expenses are going to vary, but to give you an idea, here’s what you’ll be paying for. The biggest variable is going to be how big of a discount you are willing to give to your customers as an incentive to recommend your products/services. While you might not consider it an expense, it is because you are not going to be getting that percentage or dollar amount as part of your profit, so it is an investment expense. The second part of your expense is going to be the ShareitEffect service fee. Add these two amounts together and you’ll get the total expense that you are going to be investing. 


Finally, now you are going to be able to see just how much you can get for a return on your investment. The ShareitEffect ROI calculator will determine this number by simply taking the projected average revenue increase and subtracting the total expenses. This will provide you with a projected positive ROI that you can use to leverage your marketing department and potential investors. 

It is important that you remember that while there are a lot of calculations that go into the ShareitEffect ROI calculator, the results are NOT guaranteed. Results will vary based on the actual number of shares, new traffic, and sales that come from your investment. While ShareitEffect does strive to provide you with accurate information, there is no way to 100% guarantee the results of your efforts. As with all other types of investing, there is always a risk associated with it, and results will vary. 

Not sure if ShareitEffect is the right marketing tool for you, give it a try risk-free, with FREE 14-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee! See for yourself how when you invest a little bit into your customers and your brand, you can reap exponential results! Many companies are already doing this and you can too. 

Check out ShareitEffect today and see for yourself how your business can benefit from the ShareitEffect!  Click here to access the ShareitEffect ROI Calculator.

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